Order Quantity

What are your minimum?

     ●  For domestic manufacturing: 800-1,000 units per style and 200-300 units per color.

     ●  For imports this highly depends on style and overall weight of garment but 2,000-3,000 units is the average.

Delivery Time

What is your delivery?

     ●  This mainly depends on style and quantity ordered. Domestic manufacturing of new styles with quantity
      under 5,000 units can usually run betweeb 5-6 weeks after fit and color confirmation and re-orders
      between 3-4 weeks depending on style and quantity.   

    ●  Turn time of imports will take somewhat longer than domestic goods.

Fiber Options

What fabric/yarn fiber option do I have?

Since all seamless garments begin with the yarn, not the fabric like cut and sewn garments, the yarn selection is limited to what machines can handle due to fast speed knitting process and the required S and Z yarn twist. Traditionally that meant only strong synthetic yarn were possible but we have overcome this barrier and can offer spun yarns that include Bamboo, Rayon, Modal with Nylon/Spandex blends, Other yarn options available for imports.

Circular VS. WARP

How to tricot knits compare to Santoni knits?

 Tricot knitsSantoni knit
Sizing Various size options in terms of width and length. Somewhat limited. Each machine diameter offers a preset range in width but length can flexible.

Capable of highly supportive lace-like holes with flat textures
Edges can be left raw without finishing or running.

Can execute flat jacquard/intarsia and textures such as rib, cinching, tucking, pleating, and textured jacquards. Open stitch holes are possible.

Completely seam-free, even at sleeve and armhole and lay flat on hanger. Silhouettes are sleek and classic as the novelty look is presented within the fabrication itself.

Seamless at side seams and may require minimal sewing. Possible to create silhouette and dimension with a variety of stitch techniques.

What are the advantages of utilizing seamless knitting?

Wearers love seamless garments because of its comfort, forgiveing and non-restrictive fit, with fewer lines under clothes, no waistband and side seam failures. Once consumers wear it, it offers high repeat purchases ratio.


How are the benefits conveyed at retail?

There is high interest by women of all ages once the garment is properly presented.
Key attribute at retail level is repeat purchases sine many benefits of garments are not obvious until worn.