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About US

Intimo Industry was founded in 2003 and has become one of the most innovative seamless manufactures
in North America to serve the needs of an ever-changing apparel industry.


PJY, INC. d.b.a. Intimo Industry stands to be a "Novelty Seamless Leader", offering uniquely designed seamless garments 
for comfortable, fashionable apparel, and the reasonable value. We do all the possible research and developments using 
what seamless knitting technology can offer to all the apparel buyer and end customers. 
In order to achieve that goal, we have adopted following elements.

POPULARITY:        Producing what consumers like not for designer's own gratification.

PRODUCTIVITY:    Style should be efficiently replicable for re-orders.

PRICE:                     Creating the most perceived value to end customers.

PERIOD:                  Develop and deliver styles in a timely manner with extensive forecasting of the most updated trend.

PHILOSOPHY:        We work with our passion to be the leader in seamless and deliver the best value to customers.


With the practice of these "5P", we are engaging to be the most innovative and leading seamless manufacture in the world.


One Stop Sourcing of Seamless Apparel
Besides domestic production, import options from Asia and Europe are also available.
Whatever the customer's demand, Intimo has it all when it comes to seamless apparel.

Extensive Research & Design Service
Service include trend and color forecasting reports, yarn development, exclusive customer developments and sampling, and an in-house design team that continually adds to an accumulating library of over 4,000 designs.

Prompt & On Time Delivery
Domestically capable of turning around production of a new style in 3-4 weeks after color and fit approval and even quicker for re-orders; allowing buyers to make last minute decisions on color selections and quickly replenish inventory gaps in this fast-changing apparel market

Finest USA Quality Standard to All
Intimo Industry applies extensive top of production domestic quality inspection for each stage of knitting, dyeing, sewing and final stage quality control for all imported goods as well.

Reasonable Price
Not necessarily the most inexpensive but reasonably priced with the best perceived value to end customers. Volume discounts do apply in many cases.

Leader in Novelty Seamless
Serving most publicity traded chain stores in USA along with specialty stores in Canada. Intimo offers uniquely styled garments for apparel trades which include the up most fashionable styles, Dancewear, Plus Size Fashion and Intimates. Current style library consist of over 4,000 styles.